Spina bifida and hydrocephalus are common birth defects all over the world. In our Western society we have less children diagnosed with said cases because of our nutrition and supplement intake and close follow-ups for pregnant women. Yet in developing countries nutrition doesn't always cover the needs of a person, let alone pregnant women who also have to bear in mind they're carrying a child. This and several other problems cause birth defects like spina and hydro which if left untreated may have grave consequences for the children. BethanyKids Hospital treats these children at their facility in Kijabe and also sends out a mobile clinic for treated children to receive a bimonthly follow-up after surgery. They work closely together with Joytown Special School in Thika, which takes care of special needs and a large percentage of them are neuro patients. I've spent three months in Kenya documenting the work they do, assigned by IF Global.